Austin Stands For Native Rights, Against the Dos Republicas Coal Mine

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Austin, Texas – Via the media advisory from the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club:

Oct. 5 is a monumental day in Austin for environmentalists, indigenous peoples, immigrants, border town residents and all threatened by the Trump administration. In addition to the Dos Republicas hearing and demonstration, Austin City Council will vote to pass a resolution to formally oppose the border wall, as well as a resolution to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day (Oct. 9).

As we deal with the expensive, racist wall in the Rio Grande Valley, communities are fighting to save DACA and oppose unconstitutional “show me your papers” laws like SB 4 that target our immigrant brothers and sisters.

At this critical moment in our state and nation, we must organize across issues and constituencies in order to form our own wall of defense against racism and tyranny.

What: Peaceful demonstration against Dos Republicas Open Pit Coal Mine’s renewed wastewater discharge permit

When: Thursday, Oct. 5th, Hearing begins at 2:00pm. Press conference to follow at 4:00 pm

Where: Travis County Courthouse, 1000 Guadalupe Street 5th floor, Austin, TX. Press conference will be on north side of the courthouse lawn

Who: Native activists, Maverick County Environmental and Public Health Association, Sierra Club, Public Citizen, and supporters will join the demonstration in solidarity with Eagle Pass residents.

Austin, Tex. — This Thursday, Native leaders and environmental advocates are expected to gather for a peaceful demonstration and press conference at the Travis County Courthouse. The Maverick County Environmental and Public Health Association is taking lead on challenging the wastewater discharge permit approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) last year for the Dos Republicas coal mine, a decision that puts 25,000 acres of land and the Rio Grande River at risk of being polluted by toxic discharges of chemicals and heavy metals.

The mine, located near Eagle Pass, Texas, actively disrupts a sacred site and pollutes local waterways, has received major opposition by local Indigenous groups in Texas. In April 2016, 26 Indigenous nations united against the mine, marching from the border to the mine site to demonstrate their opposition. A key challenge to the mine is an improper tribal consultation process by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in complying with the National Historic Preservation Act, Section 106.

Several Native and Sierra Club leaders and supporters, including people from San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and beyond, will join the demonstration on Oct. 5 in solidarity with Eagle Pass residents.

Contact: Vanessa Ramos, [email protected] 586-1853

Day of Contact: 

Tane Ward – Sierra Club (512) 638-0441

David Cortez – Sierra Club (512) 736-7600


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