Calling all water protectors to Louisiana!

Via L’eau Est La Vie Camp – No Bayou Bridge

This is an open call for all water protectors, kayaktivists, radical sailors and water going folk to join us on the frontlines as we fight the tail end of the Dakota Access Pipeline in the swamps of Louisiana.

If you are interested in stopping the Bayou Bridge Pipeline, make plans to come to Louisiana NOW.

Because of the urgency of the situation, we are pausing the application process to join Camp and instead are asking all protectors to come to Camp as soon as possible. Please EMAIL US at [email protected] with your name, phone number, why you want to come to camp, when you will be arriving and how long you plan on staying. We will respond with the directions to camp and what to bring.

** Please note that if show up to camp without emailing us first and without receiving an email invitation, you will not be allowed to enter camp. **

In the face of ETP’s escalated tactics, for 31 consecutive days we have disrupted and stopped construction in the Atchafalaya Basin on the water, on the ground and in the air. The more protectors here on the ground, the more we can stop construction.

Join us.

#NoBayouBridge #StopETP #Resist

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