Deconstructing Thanksgiving (Video+PDF)

This November 23rd people in the U.S. of all colors and backgrounds will come together, some in celebration of Thanksgiving Day and others to commemorate a Day of Mourning.  The mythology behind the holiday is a part of mainstream American identity but it is historically inaccurate.  By asking a few simple (yet critical) questions of ourselves, we can begin to deconstruct the real meaning of Thanksgiving, and spark critical thinking and conversations with our loved ones, starting right from where we are.

Let us know how YOU commemorate this day and evoke awareness into your gatherings.

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1.  What is Thanksgiving? 
– What is the original name of the land?
– What are the names of the original peoples of the land?
– What are the top 5 myths about the Thanksgiving story?
2.  Where are you? (Location of gathering)
– What is the original name of the land?
– What are the names of the original peoples of the land?
– Are there currently any efforts led by the original peoples or any efforts to protect the land?
3.  Who are you? (Ancestral lands of the individual)
– Where did you come from? (Traditional name of the land)
– What are the names and languages of the original peoples?
– Are there currently efforts led by the original peoples of the land or any efforts to protect the land?4.  Where did your food come from? (Pick an earth-based food item)
– What territory does this item come from originally?
– What is the traditional name of this item?
– What foods grow are native to the location you’re currently at?

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