First tribe in the U.S. recognizes Rights of Nature into law

Congratulations to the Ponca Nation of Oklahoma on making history by becoming the the first tribe in the U.S. to recognize Rights of Nature into law.

The Ponca tribe lives in Oklahoma, which used to be known as “tornado alley.” Now it is the “earthquake capital of the world” due to fracking which is also causing illness and loss of life – both natural and human.

“In our tribe we have a funeral a week now. We’re being fracked to death.”

By giving Nature the legal rights of a human being (known as the “Rights of Nature”) the Ponca Nation will begin to align human law with natural law, to ban fracking and protect both the people and the environment.

“We are proud to be moving into the future by honoring our original instructions to respect all life on our Mother Earth.”
– Casey Camp-Horinek, Ponca Nation

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