Multimedia expressions of what it means to be #IndigenousAgain

The following art and multimedia were submitted in response to the call for submissions regarding what it means to be #IndigenousAgain:

Antonio Cosme – Zagajibiising, Miciegama, Turtle Island (Detroit, Michigan, USA)

Antonio is part of The Raiz Up, SWGrows, Southwest Bee Collective, and The Beehive Collective.

Blanca Rodriguez Alanis – Poet and Activist from Houston, TX

Poem #1: Madre Tierra

Madre Mía, quieren quitarte la vida
Tu que eres nuestra luz
La que nos da la vida
Se han olvidado de ti
Porque ya tienen otras riquezas
Madre Mía, yo no te olvido, te necesito
Cada amanecer estás presente
Regalandome tu medicina, tu energía
Tu eres mi riqueza
Madre Mía, por ti yo doy la vida

Poem #2: Indigenous Revolution

The conquistadores have long removed their armor and traded them for expensive suits. With their power and greed, they’ve created a money hungry beast, that goes by the name of Corporate America.

They will never understand the spiritual connection we have with the land, our Mother. They have no loyalty to her. They will continue desecrating her in order to feed the beast.

For hundreds of years we have been enslaved in our own lands. Our minds have been controlled by those in power. It’s time to awaken and allow our ancestors to help us remember. It is time to put on our spiritual armor and fight to protect what is sacred.

Mother Earth needs us. This is not a movement. This is War. It has been declared by the people, that we will no longer be ruled by rich cowards who are poor in soul. We will not be ruled by a government who doesn’t honor our civil rights. We will not be ruled by this nation that continues to oppress our Mother and it’s people.

You may beat our bodies down but you cannot break our espiritus. Your fear, your violence, and your weapons will not destroy our prayers. They are connected with The Great Creator and Mother Earth. They are sent off into the wind, into the ground, into all living things. Our prayers are alive. They have been sent…

Yacatsol (Iris Rodriguez, Xicana – Texas/Jalisco, Mex)

Entry #1: Abre La Tierra (Yacatsol feat 4Rios) / Tezcatlipoca Records

Entry #2 (Song): Mother Earth Is Calling (Cumbia Mix) by Yacatsol / Tezcatlipoca Records

Xica Nation Critical Conversations interview series (MeXicanx community website)

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