TAKE ACTION: Stand with the Puyallup Tribe – No fracked gas in the sea!

SIGN THE PETITION TODAY:  http://bit.ly/2AEtdM5

The Puyallup Tribe of Puget Sound in the state of Washington is fighting an 8 million gallon liquified fracked gas facility that has been plagued with the usual criminal, exclusive tactics common in these fossil fuel industry colonization (and environmental racism) campaigns:

  • failure to consult with the local/affected community
  • failure to accurately assess environmental and human impacts
  • conflict of interest
  • institutionalized/systemic (cultural, linguistic, economic, etc.) barriers to assert rights

Via the Puyallup Water Warriors & Redefine Tacoma petition:

Dakota and the Puyallup tribe call themselves the “salmon people” – if the salmon disappear, they say they will too. But this LNG facility puts all of us in danger. It would create an immediate and unreasonable danger to the thousands of people within three miles of the massive storage tank and would require a steady supply of fracked gas from offsite wells. Communities living near those wells would be exposed to toxins and carcinogens used in the fracking process.

SIGN THE PETITION TODAY:  http://bit.ly/2AEtdM5

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