The Condor and The Eagle

“An epic journey for climate justice from the Canadian Boreal forest to the Amazon Rainforest.”

Via the official Indigogo Page:

“The Eagle And The Condor is an ancient prophecy, shared by many Indigenous people. The prophecy says when the Eagle of North America and the Condor of South America unite; the spirit of peace will awaken on Earth. After waiting for so long, many native peoples believe the time is now. With this project, we want to strengthen the environmental justice movement by empowering communities in the Americas and give a voice to the affected Indigenous groups to speak out.”

Via Bryan Parras of TEJAS, Co-Founder of Indigenous Again:

Hey fam. I’m writing to ask for your support once again. I only do this when it’s urgent and needed. For the past four years I’ve been helping with this transformative film project that follows much of the collective work we have all built together. This includes the work of our elders as well as our ancestors.

We really are witnessing the emergence of a new consciousness that forgives, that understands and that holds firm the virtues of a well balanced life in sync with the natural laws of the universe.

Help us complete this narrative and get it out to the public so that everyone can celebrate the indigenous wisdom that is so needed right now.…

I have dedicated the last four years of my life and work to help with this project and fully support this film and all the people and communities that are in it. I have visited with all of the protagonists in the film and the film makers in their homes or communities and joined them on the frontlines of resistance.

I ask you now to support these efforts too. We have kept this project fully independent and you will not hear voiceovers in this film. We speak for ourselves in this film and we learn from each others struggles and resistance.

There is literally one white dude in the film, Bill McKibben, for a brief moment to honor his contribution and understanding of the significance of this moment.…

We also see the incredible strength of our relatives as they confront hundreds of years of colonization and emerge from these forces with grace, humility and vision.

We need your support to keep this project independently funded and to make its vision complete. I know there are a lot of campaigns happening right now so I appreciate any amount you can offer.

Please, share this request with your friends, your family and your colleagues.…

I hope to see you at a screening soon once the film has been released and I know that I’ll see you on the frontlines as our journey continues.

Vamanos together or don’t vamanos at all!


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